If you desire to improve and optimize your health, may I suggest beginning each day with a blended concoction of some sort? It is quite easy really and does not require much effort or expense. The basic tools to make a health shake smoothie are: blender, cup, desired ingredients. That’s it. No big deal.

Perhaps the biggest challenge to making the switch to a daily smoothie is giving up an old habit. If you have been waking up and eating cereal, bagels, donuts, or like most, skipping breakfast altogether, you may be making a huge mistake that can lead to or has already led to illness. We need to rethink this while we can. Please don’t get me wrong. I am not asking you to do anything I myself haven’t done. All I ask is that you consider providing your body with life enhancing nutrients that feed your glands, organs, and tissues. With the proper building blocks, your body will thrive. You see, eating whole, nutrient rich foods always improve your health. Your body desires to be healthy and a daily smoothie will help this along.

So what exactly should a health smoothie consist of? Glad you asked….

I will start by saying that initially you may need to keep the health shake basic and improve upon ingredients as able. With that said, start with water and ice cubes. Add in a banana, half an apple, piece of celery, two small cherry tomatoes, and a handful of berries and blend it all together. Yummy.

If you add in frozen fruit, then you may not need any ice. Some individuals prefer milk instead of water. Maybe consider unsweetened almond or coconut milk as an alternative to dairy. In some cases, we need to lower the blood glucose levels and may steer away from fruit. Not forever, just until we right some longstanding wrongs.

I would also recommend a pinch or two of cinnamon powder on occasion for anyone with blood sugar abnormalities. Don’t forget to pick up small bags of chia seeds, flax seed, and hemp seed and rotate them through on different days. Hawaiian spirulina powder is also about as good as it gets in helping the body so please consider this as well. One of my favorite additions to my smoothie is avocado. Not too much as it can make the shake thick. Another one of my favorite additions is coconut oil although that does require a little bit more clean-up work.

I am at a point where taste is just not that important to me. The way I feel is! I have more energy, feel satisfied but not bloated, and have greater mental clarity as a result. You may feel the same way. I hope you do!

The point to all of this is to be consistent in your attempts to regain and maintain your health. Smoothies do just that! As you advance along, I recommend adding a scoop of protein powder or perhaps an organic green food powder. Just keep trying new things and evaluate as to how you feel. It’s pretty simple actually.

The cleanest whole food powder I recommend is by Standard Process. It is called SP Complete and essentially it is a high-nutrient, low calorie whole food powder. Some of the ingredients include flax, brussels sprouts, buckwheat, kale, alfalfa, and organic carrot, just to name a few. Yes, you can get SP Complete in a vanilla or chocolate. Even a dairy-free version if you so choose. The point to this all is that we need to wrap our minds around that good nutrient intake helps the body heal.

If you change nothing…. nothing will change. That said, please consider taking this seemingly insignificant step that may lead to a greater awareness of just how good you can feel. Consistency is the key. Best of health to you.

“Natural Perspectives” is a health commentary only and does not claim to diagnose and/or make treatment recommendations. Always seek the advice of your health care professional.